Our Story

With 30+ years of experience beginning in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, a multitude of projects under our belts and a highly skilled team, Bridgepoint is your reliable source for infrastructure solutions.
Over the years, we have honed our process and now seamlessly transition projects from conception to project completion. We’ve successfully grown our service offerings and secured primary contractor agreements with several Fortune 500 companies. We have successfully designed and constructed projects for the oil, gas, electric, and telecommunications industries.
Our culture is driven by a “Make It Happen” attitude, which results in high-quality work that is finished on-time and within budget. We’re always looking for ways to work smarter and more safely. In addition to being bonded and insured, we are registered with AVETTA and have gone through a rigorous audit of our safety procedures to qualify.

Bridgepoint has a strong financial foundation and over 30-years worth of sustained service. Our up to date fleet includes a wide variety of heavy equipment, tools and trucks. Our trucks, trailers and equipment utilize a fleet management system and are equipped with GPS to manage usage and location.

We are experts in pulling together and managing all aspects of your project and can provide you with one point of contact for all of your infrastructure needs. We take pride in keeping our customers connected.

Our Core Values


We have a new 4-acre facility. This new facility combines the Dallas and Fort Worth Locations and became the new Bridgepoint operation center in the summer of 2019.

The Team

Bridgepoint’s Senior Management team have years of experience in the industry respectively. Our team is made up of in-house personnel who fill a variety of roles such as supervisors, foremen, engineers/drafters, HDD drill operators, locators, splicers, and aerial lineman.
Maintaining a healthy and safe employee environment is a top priority at Bridgepoint. Regardless of the position, we treat each team member as an equal and take measures to maintain a stable and safe work environment.

Senior Management

Bond Conway, CEO
Bond is a successful businessman who has spent nearly twenty-five years leading and growing organizations and business ventures. Prior to joining Bridgepoint, Bond has worked with IBM, MCI, Sabre and Raytheon. He founded and grew StarMaker Technologies in which he worked 13 years. He has started other entrepreneurial ventures including a franchise business. Bond joined Bridgepoint in 2020 with a mission to demonstrate how to grow the company while consistently living God-centered core values that he shares with Bridgepoint – Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Accountability, & Stewardship.
Mike Perkins
Mike has worked in the utility industry for over seventeen years. He is responsible for managing the performance of the company and underwriting new developments, acquisitions, and other business ventures. His areas of expertise include financial analysis, capital budgeting, real estate analysis and evaluation, business planning and evaluation, and project management and development.

George has responsibility to lead both the Business Development and Operations teams for all of Bridgepoint. He brings over 30 years of experience in the telecom design, build, test and maintain specialties for Wireline, Wireless and Fiber networks building successful teams while serving in leadership roles at Nortel Networks, Sprint, ATC, Ledcor Group and other smaller construction firms supporting companies such as AT&T, Verizon, MCI, Crown Castle, SBA, Altice, Spectrum, and Google

Our Employees

Bridgepoint employs in-house personnel for the following positions:
Bridgepoint typically ramps to meet project requirements as needed and may employ vetted subcontractors that meet our standards.

Fleet & Equipment

Serving our clients efficiently requires a well-equipped, up to date fleet. Bridgepoint evaluates and upgrades its assets regularly. Our diverse selection of equipment includes HDD drills, trenchers and a wide range of trucks and various tools which enables us to take on a diverse range of projects.
Running a fleet doesn’t stop at vehicles and equipment. We manage and track our fleet using the latest technology. All trucks, trailers and equipment utilize a fleet management system and are outfitted with GPS to manage usage and location. These systems increase our project efficiency and safety. With features such as preventative maintenance scheduling, we are able to stay on top of routine vehicle maintenance but also identify mechanical problems before they happen.
All of the time and money saved on projects using our state-of-the art equipment and technology falls straight to our clients’ bottom line. 

AVETTA Registered

Since 2014, Bridgepoint has maintained a “0-days missed due to accident or injury.” Keeping our employees safe by keeping a safe work environment so crucial to our company that it’s a core value. We are registered in AVETTA and have gone through a rigorous audit of our safety procedures. In AVETTA’s system, you can see our full documentation of safety standards and practices.
Safety is our priority and has been demonstrated on many projects over our 30+ years.